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The Following Pages Were Written By Other Parotid Tumor Patients

Julie's Story (Recurrent Pleomorphic Adenoma and Radiation Treatments) Link

Andy's Web Site Link

John's Story (Surgery, Photos, Questions For Surgeon and Lessons Learned) Link

Orly's Story (Both Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Treatment) Link

Photos - These photos were submitted by readers of the forum

Pre-Op Photos (Mary Jo, Sue, Barb, Walter, Andrew's MRI)

Post-Op Photo Page 1 (Hilary, Marc, Doug, Jack, Mary Jo, Robyn, Melissa)

Post-Op Photo Page 2 (Mark, Mellie, Connie, LJR, Sue K, Maria, KC, Sandy)

Post-Op Photo Page 3 (Joyce, Diana, Denise, Judy, Jeanne, Arlene, Tim, Bill, Terry)

Post-Op Photo Page 4 (Barb, Bill, Jules, Kieran, Nick, Ajeeta)

Post-Op Photo Page 5  (Rebecca, Gary, Michaela, Joe V, Lisa M, Kathy, Shelley)

Post-Op Photo Page 6  (Carla, Helen, Ruthie)

Photos - Radiation Treatments (Roxanne)

Photos - Years Later  (Heather)

Note About Photos From Doctor with Scared Patients Link


Facial Nerve Diagram Link


Questions For Your Surgeon (ENT) Link


(Mary-Jo's Laundry List) What Should I Do to Prepare For Surgery?  Link


Radiation Treatment Laundry List - Preparing Yourself Link


Tumor Statistics Link


Patient Surveys

Pre-Op Survey Link

Pre-Op Survey II Link

Post-Op Survey Link


Find a Surgeon Link


Profiles of the Bulletion Board Readers (Good for Finding a Surgeon)






Links to Other Sites On Parotid Tumors


Tons of information on parotid tumors, cancer and surgery.  Most of these sites were submitted by people at the bulletin board.





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