"Smiley" Codes

If you include certain ASCII "smiley" characters (also known as "emoticons") in the subjects or bodies of your messages, they'll be automatically converted to graphics, as follows.  In other words, if you inert any of the codes below into your message it will be replaced by the graphic when you "preview" or "post" your message.  Always "preview" your message first to make sure it is working.  Be sure to include a space before and after the code.

:) :)     :( :(
:O :O     :D :D
;) ;)     8) 8)
:b :b     :\ :\
>:( >:(     :| :|
:LO   :SS
:LF   :CA
:flaus   :flbrz
:fluk   :flpor
:LP   :LS
:ST   :SO
:??   :DNT
:!   :FR
:YES   :NO
Please Don't Place Animated
PIC's In Subject Line
It Slows The Index Page
:CL   :NW
:WK   :HLP