I feel as though 95% of the people experience a "successful" parotidectomy. Most of the photo's on these pages are of people who had surgery within the last few weeks. It's major surgery and the incision is quite large. Of course the incision is not pretty a few days after surgery. But they do fade and most surgeons blend them into natural creases in you skin. Never the less, I received the following in the form of an e-mail:

We would like to add success stories to your site. Our patients look here and are filled with fear about proceeding with their surgeries. This patient has given us her permission to send you her history and post op pics. Thank you for adding them to your web page:

This patient presented with a 1.5cm parotid mass. The diagnosis after a fine needle aspiration was pleomorphic adenoma. A parotidectomy was scheduled and the tumor was found in the superficial lobe of the parotid and was lifted off of the facial nerve. She is doing well with VIIth nerve intact.

The following photo's accompanied the email:

Click on the photo to see a larger view.

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